The Last Boys Picked

Helping Boys Who Don’t Play Sports Survive Bullies and Boyhood

Are you raising a boy who doesn’t like to play sports?

In our competitive culture that makes heroes out of athletes, it’s not easy being a boy who doesn’t like to play sports.

The Last Boys Picked was written to help parents, educators, coaches and others whose lives intertwine with children appreciate the social and psychological challenges these boys face, and help them feel valued in a world that aggrandizes athletic prowess and dismisses aggressive behavior in males as “boys being boys.”

Overlooked by a society that reinforces impossible standards of “masculinity,” boys who are uninterested in competitive sports or have non-aggressive personalities are often vilified and bullied for being different as they grow up in the shadow of America’s obsession with bigger, faster, richer, and stronger. Compassionate, empowering, and instructive, The Last Boys Picked will help parents, teachers, coaches, and caregivers identify the social and emotional hurdles that these boys face, and offers specific action steps to help any child build resilience and a healthy self-esteem.

Read the book Parents magazine calls a “MUST READ” and “a wowing and enlightening guide for any parent”

“ … chock full of valuable information on
a topic that is so rarely spoken about.”
Dorri Olds

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Stop Negotiating with Your Teen

Strategies for Parenting Your Angry, Manipulative, Moody, or Depressed Adolescent

Do you walk on eggshells around your teenager?

Teenagers have become very adept at keeping their parents off balance and making them second guess their decisions.

Stop Negotiating with Your Teen was written to help parents avoid being taken advantage of by their own kids who threaten to become more aggressive, more depressed, more moody, or just more “difficult” as their parents insist on greater responsibility, accountability, and courtesy.

Stop Negotiating with Your Teen can help you to: 

  •  turn a confrontation into an opportunity for communication
  • talk to your teen when you don’t know what to say 
  • respond to disrespectful remarks with dignity and composure 
  • break through your teenager’s verbal intimidation 
  • disarm manipulations without escalating the conflict 
  • manage your teenager’s sense of entitlement or privilege 
  • balance compassion with accountability through genuine engagement

#3 Best Parenting Book for Parents of Teens!
parenting blogger/author

Among the “Best Parenting Books for Parents of Tweens”

Vanessa Van Petten

“This may be the most sensible, wise, clear and reader friendly book about parenting adolescents that I have read…. Written with genuineness and humor, I can’t imagine any parent not finding themselves between the pages, laughing and learning and coming out with more clarity and a saner family life!” 

Deborah MunGavin, Mahopac, NY

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Adolescent Therapy That Really Works

Helping Kids Who Never Asked for Help in the First Place

Focusing on establishing genuine and unaffected relationships between therapists and teens, this book offers techniques for clinicians who want to engage and connect with their adolescent clients. The goal is to bring about conversations that are candid and therapeutically effective so that teens and their families can find dignified and durable solutions to their problems.

Thorough and lucidly written, Adolescent Therapy that Really Works shows therapists how to become partners with their clients, maintain their authority while also drawing teens into comfortable conversation, and read body language and facial expressions to better convey understanding and respect. Every therapist who works with adolescents and their families will benefit from the wisdom, skill, and honesty exhibited in Edgette’s therapeutic approach.

“She deals very thoroughly with the engagement issues that recur when working with clients who have been brought to her (usually by parents) with only nominal consent.” Debate (Division of Educational Psychologists)

“Offers therapists a different way to help disengaged…young clients and their families find dignified, face-saving ways out of problems.” Adolescence Journal

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The Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomena in Psychotherapy

“This immensely readable book addresses the selection, eliciting, and therapeutic use of hypnotic phenomena that are natural outgrowths of trance… Numerous case examples vividly illustrate intervention with anxiety disorders, trauma and abuse, dissociative disorders, depression, marital and family problems, sports and creative performance, pain … and other conditions… In summary, I feel that The Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomena in Psychotherapy is an excellent book.” 

Joan Murray-Jobsis, Chapel Hill, NC

Includes sections on using: age progression • age regression • hypnotic dreaming • hypermnesia • hypnotic deafness • catalepsy • positive and negative hallucinations, and other hypnotic phenomena.

Available at B& | Taylor & Francis

Heads Up! Practical Sports Psychology for Riders, Their Families & Their Trainers

Heads Up! is designed to help equestrian athletes enhance their experience of riding, training, competing, and loving horses.

Learn how to

  • Ride well in spite of feeling nervous
  • Learn to compensate for the way in which anxiety affects your riding.
  • Perform more consistently under pressure
  • Manage the social and family stresses of competitive riding
  • Balance your passion for riding with your devotion to a spouse or kids
  • Evaluate training programs for yourself or your children
  • Incorporate sportsmanship into training programs that are geared toward winning championship points
  • Identify sources of stress in young riders and what you can do about them

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“Wonderful introduction to sports psychology for everyone.”

Amazon review


“Amazing book!! I got this book to help me combat some irrational anxieties and fears in the saddle, especially at shows. It has done so much more for me than I could have ever hoped. I’m serious. It works. I have stopped a few panic attacks with the techniques taught in this book, when methods taught by counsellors and psychologists were only so much hot air.”

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“Edgette’s style is very candid, open, and easy to read. Don’t think that this is another “help me feel good about my riding” book. Heads Up! takes an incredibly unique approach to explaining the whole circle of a rider’s world. This book will enhance any trainer, coach, parent, and rider’s bookshelf. I give it a five-shoe rating!”

Amazon review

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The Rider’s Edge: Overcoming the Psychological Challenges of Riding

Recommended by George Morris!

From his Foreword in The Rider’s Edge:
“Like all of Janetʼs works, this one you wonʼt want to miss. Read it, enjoy it, savor it, digest it, and I guarantee your game of riding — as well as your game of life — will improve.”

  • Dealing with performance nerves
  • Confidence building, recovering from falls, and managing fears
  • The psychological side of riding, learning, and training
  • Relationships, conflicts, jealousies, and sportsmanship
  • Balancing riding with everything else in your life
  • Buying horses and losing them
  • Self and body image
  • Advice for young riders

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“An excellent resource for a rider needing a little encouragement or insight. Riding is both physically and mentally complex, and as an equestrian herself, the author understands the issues that all of us face at one time or another. The book is straightforward, very believable, and super practical. Highly recommended!”

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“I am an almost 50 year old amateur event rider looking to move up to training level eventing, a height and difficulty I have not ever tackled in my riding career. I was looking for advice for riders in my situation trying to create practical plans, deal with negative thoughts and manage fear, especially after falls. This book has some advice that is relevant, but many of the vignettes seem to be written for the more junior hunter rider, which is the audience for the magazine where these columns were published. If you have a budding equestrian, this is a useful book.”

Amazon review

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