Workshops on Therapy with Teenagers, Family Therapy, & Parent Coaching

workshops for therapy with teenagers, family therapy, & parent coaching

Presentations for mental health professionals

Most of these workshops are available as either a half-day or full-day workshop.

Stop Walking on Eggshells: Working with Defiant, Angry, and Emotionally Volatile Youth

This practical workshop teaches how to work with teenagers who are quick to defend themselves and who often deflect attention away from their problems by intense displays of emotion. Learn how to avoid the traps of becoming too careful or self-conscious with angry, volatile teenagers or, alternatively, of trying too hard to make the therapy work.

Helping Kids Who Never Asked for Your Help in the First Place

Adolescent clients who don’t want therapy have no bones about showing it. This message being heard, therapists are left to solve the following conundrum: how do you provide services to teenagers who don’t think they need them? This workshop is about working more effectively and comfortably with teenagers and children who are in a room with you only because someone told them they had to be.

Counseling Unhappy Teens

Just because a teenager welcomes your help doesn’t mean that providing therapy will always be an easy process. Working with adolescents requires a sensitivity to the way in which each young client will experience the process of being helped. This workshop specifically addresses teenage depression, self-harm, anxiety, loss of interest, and withdrawal from family.

“The Last Boys Picked” : Helping Boys Who Are Bullied

Boys who don’t adhere to standard masculine ideals (big, tough, sporty) often find themselves marginalized by peers and targeted by bullies. This workshop presents a comprehensive plan for helping these boys manage the teasing, learn to value their own skills and attributes, and discover settings where they’ll be appreciated for who they are. Participants will also learn techniques for encouraging families to be accepting and supportive of children who are “different,” as well as for working with schools to promote a culture of civility.

Helping Parents Meet the Challenges of 21st Century Parenting: A Different Pathway to Helping Our Nation’s Youth

If kids today seem more self-absorbed, entitled, or dismissive of adult authority than they used to be, it might be because social and cultural pressures have made it very difficult to truly parent our children. Come explore what therapists and parents can do to connect meaningfully with kids and earn their trust, while regaining adult authority. You’ll hone your ability to mediate between warring parents and their children, and empower parents to take back their proper roles without having to resort to authoritarian styles and power plays.

Family Therapy with Angry, Emotionally Volatile, and Resistant Adolescents: Being on Everybody’s Side at the Same Time

This half day workshop focuses on brief, intensive adolescent therapy where most or all of the sessions are conducted with the adolescent and his or her parent(s) together. The emphasis is on teaching how therapists can move freely and credibly among the different parties, alternately joining, challenging, defending, confronting – all within the same session. Problems to be addressed include chronic conflict, disrespect, school failure/apathy, parent inflexibility, and problems with accountability.