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“Making A Point” with your teen versus having a conversation

    Olivia calls her dad a s**t-head every chance she gets, but what she really wants to say to him is this: “Every time you talk to me you’re trying to make some point and it gets old. Plus, you think you’re being funny but it hurts my feelings and that’s why I don’t […]

Dr. Janet Sasson Edgette

Tired of One-Word Responses from Your Teen? Ditch the Questions and Become Interesting Enough That They Want to Talk With You

Every day at 3 pm thousands upon thousands of kids and teenagers are being clobbered by questions about their day at school from the people who love them the most—their parents. And despite the fact that most of these parents would be satisfied with just a little bit of feedback, a brief commentary—even just a […]

Getting Your Teenager to Talk -­ Part II

  Actually, it’s not about “getting” your teen to talk. That’s been part of the problem all along – kids feeling tugged at and interrogated and cajoled into conversations that don’t interest them. I stuck that phrase in the title because, if nothing else, it captures the urgency behind so many parents’ attempts to learn […]