Fees for services

Counseling and supervision fees are $170 for 45 minute sessions, $225 for a full hour, and $345 for 90 minute sessions. Daytime, afternoon, and evening appointments are available.

Shorter sessions—good for follow up appointments, brief parent consultations, and children’s appointments—are available as well; these are $60 for 15 minutes and $120 for 30 minutes.

Longer sessions are available for individuals and families that travel from a distance or prefer a more in-depth or accelerated counseling experience. These two and a half hour appointments are scheduled on weekdays before 3 pm for a fee of $600.

Group Training (in-office) in Adolescent/Family Therapy: fees are $500 for two hours, $750 for three hours.

Please contact me to discuss out-of-office training opportunities (e.g., at hospitals, clinics, group practices).

Please note that I do not accept insurance, but can always provide receipts that can be independently submitted by clients for reimbursement, if applicable.

Paying for Consultation

Session Length

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