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Children with Disabilities Have a Right to Be Held Accountable Too

In his blog, Lost and Tired: Confessions of a Depressed Autism Dad (, a father recently wrote about why he believes it’s important for him to hold his boys—all three of whom are on the autism spectrum—accountable for their actions. Justly referring only to behavior he knows the boys can control, the dad explained that having […]

Two Heroes at a Cross Country Meet

In the wake of Lance Armstrong’s disillusioning admission of having used performance-enhancing drugs, there has been a lot of talk about the impact of role models on our kids, and about what happens when they let us down. For some kids, though, all this talk about role models is nonsense—too sentimental, too childish. I don’t […]

Bullying and the Non-Athletic Boy (interview, The Washington Post)

Bullying and the Non-Athletic Boy (interview,The Washington Post) If you’re interested in reading about some of our cultural contributions to the bullying of boys who don’t care for sports, check out my interview by “On Parenting” blog author Janice D’Arcy of the Washington Post.