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What Am I Teaching My Son If I Let Him Quit Playing Sports Just Because He’s Afraid of the Ball?

  You are teaching him… that you respect him, even if you don’t understand his choices. that you will listen closely to what he says and take it at face value. that it pays to speak up. that he doesn’t have to disguise his real feelings in order to gain or sustain your approval. that […]

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Why You Should Read The Last Boys Picked (November 25, 2016 guest post by Jennifer L. W. Fink)

I’ve never been a boy, but boy do I know all about being the last kid picked! I was always non-athletic. (In fact, until very recently, I still described myself as “one of the most non-athletic people you’ll ever meet.”) I wasn’t interested in sports and I wasn’t good at sports. Likely, those two things […]

Raising Boys to Be Good Sports: Humiliation is a horrible “motivational” technique.

This is the fifth in a series of six articles about raising boys to be good sports. I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually played better, ran faster, or threw more accurately as a result of being humiliated by his coach. I’ve known plenty of kids who’ve tried harder when scolded, but that usually doesn’t […]