Surprise! Psychology Matters

Surprise! Psychology Matters Follow this link for an article about reputable research indicating that psychological factors play a larger role in a person’s ability to adapt and succeed than do material advantages or even raw IQ. But we know this already, or should know it. People continue to be surprised when—once again—character, civic-mindedness, and emotional […]

Bullying and the Non-Athletic Boy (interview, The Washington Post)

Bullying and the Non-Athletic Boy (interview,The Washington Post) If you’re interested in reading about some of our cultural contributions to the bullying of boys who don’t care for sports, check out my interview by “On Parenting” blog author Janice D’Arcy of the Washington Post. 

Bullying Has a Long History in American Entertainment”

Bullying Has a Long History in American Entertainment” In her opinion piece (The Modesto Bee, 7/21/12), Jan Sharp points out that bullying has been around forever; she questions the response of those who self-righteously treat it as a newly discovered problem without considering the role of our culture and our own selves in its perpetuation. […]

I Wouldn’t Take My Kids Either

Mary Pols isn’t taking her kid to see The Hunger Games and I’m right there with her ( Never mind that my boys are all sixteen or older and that I can’t reasonably legislate their attendance at a PG-13 movie. But I would want to ask them this: Guys, of all the ways you could […]

Sad Farewell to the Encyclopedia

I heard on the news tonight that Britannica has published its last print version of the Encyclopedia. For years I’d been wondering when this would happen; it was inevitable, and incomprehensibly sad. What a blow, becoming obsolete. Even the public library won’t take any more encyclopedias. And if they—in all their charitable, biblio-friendly spiritedness—won’t take you, […]