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Build a Better Relationship with Your Teen or Pre-teen

Parenting Therapy | Janet Edgette

Would you like to improve the relationship you have with your teenager or pre-teen? Would you like to feel that you really know who your son (or daughter) is as a person, what he thinks or worries about, what things truly matter to him? Would you like to feel more closeness, more warmth, or less self-consciousness when around him? Maybe you want to be having more conversations and less “question and answer” type interactions?

In this course, you’ll learn how to introduce more humor, warmth, candor, transparency, respect, honesty or conversation into your relationships with your teen or pre-teen, in ways that will invite your son or daughter to respond in kind. We’ll talk about all the things that get in the way of this—chronic conflict in the family, a teen’s moodiness or disrespect, parents feeling overwhelmed, angry, or resentful, among other things—and how to prevent them from interfering with the connection you want to have. By the end of the four sessions, you will have the skills needed to expand the way in which you talk with, open yourself up to, accompany, disagree with, set consequences for, and support your teen.

This course is for you if

  • You feel as if something is missing in your relationship with your son or daughter.
  • Communication has shrunk down to the logistics surrounding what time she’ll need to be picked up.
  • You argue more than you talk together.
  • You and/or your teen feel chronically annoyed at or resentful toward the other.
  • You don’t think your teen appreciates how committed you are to his or her welfare.
  • You don’t care for how your teen speaks to you or other members in the family.
  • You don’t feel as close to your teen as you did before or you had hoped to be at this point.
  • You never do anything fun together anymore.

I’ll spend the first 30-45 minutes of each hour and a half session teaching some aspect of adolescent development, communication, or relationship building that relates to parents and their kids, and the remaining time will be spent in a group Q&A and discussion. Instructive handouts and worksheets will be provided.

In order to foster a more personal environment and give everyone ample opportunity to participate, the course will be limited to 12 parents.

Session One

Fact and fiction about adolescence and making the transition from parenting children to parenting teens.

Session Two

Managing conflict, setting limits, and imposing consequences effectively and respectfully.

Session Three

How to stay connected when one or both parties feels angry, resentful, misunderstood, unappreciated, or disrespected.

Session Four

Expanding your relationship with your teen and preparing to take it into their young adulthood by becoming and staying a whole person to your teen, and not “just” a parent.

Parenting Therapy | Janet EdgetteOur society reinforces the idea that relationships between parents and their adolescent children are, almost by definition, strained. Because of that, many parents sadly accept having unsatisfactory relationships with their teens.

I don’t believe it has to be that way and am committed to changing how we in this country think about adolescents and the relationships of which they are capable.

To learn more, sign up for this course or come join me for the Conversation Hour entitled Teen Angst: Fact or Fiction? On March 25th and 27th.

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